Virginia International Gateway Stack Yard 

Port of Virginia - Portsmouth

The Port of Virginia's $320 million expansion of VIG will increase their capacity by 40% once complete. The expansion includes 13 new stack lanes, 26 new rail mounted gantry cranes, and 4 new ship to shore cranes in the area Bayside will be working. This Port is expected to handle 500,000 more TEU's per year by 2020. Bayside Concrete will be performing the footings, foundations, crane tie downs, crane rail anchors, stow pins, light pole bases, crane rail stops, reefer racks, 13 light duty paving pads, and 13 heavy duty paving pads. The heavy duty paving near the wharf consist of 180+ yards of concrete each. The expansion also included a 1,500 LF trench drain built of 6" CIP walls. In 2017 Bayside poured 3,169 yards of concrete. In January & February 2018 alone we poured 2,299 yards on site. 

General Contractor

Allan Myers 

Total Building Area

13 New Stack Lanes

Concrete Work Began

June 2017

Total Rebar Installed

Over 966 tons

Concrete laid so far 3/2018

6,600 cubic yards

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